Vehicle Drop-off

What time do I need to return my vehicle?

Normal vehicle drop-off times are between 9.00am and 10.00am.  You do not need to book a time to drop-off your vehicle.  Please ensure you are back at your drop-off location and all your possessions are removed from the vehicle no later than 10.00am.  If you have a late drop-off, this will be noted on your Rental Agreement and, in this instance, you may return your vehicle anytime before 3.00pm.

How long will the drop-off process take?

As long as the vehicle is returned in a clean, undamaged condition with all equipment and/or convenience kits returned (and holding tanks emptied), the drop-off takes approximately ½ hour.

Do I need to empty the holding tanks at the end of my trip?

Yes, both the gray and black water tanks must be emptied at an appropriate dump station before the unit is returned. If the vehicle is returned without being emptied, a $75.00 charge applies.  Our Cleveland location offers this service at their facility at a cost of $25.00.

How much fuel do I need to return with the RV rental?

You will receive the vehicle with at least ¼ tank of fuel. You must return it with the fuel at the same level as pickup or you will be charged a fuel fee. Propane tanks may be returned empty.  We do not offer a refund if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than at pickup.

How clean does the vehicle need to be when I return my rental vehicle?

Please sweep out the unit, ensure the fridge is empty with any spills wiped out, and that the stove is wiped down so it is free of grease. If you choose not to clean your unit, cleaning charges of $75.00/hour will apply.

Will I be charged if I drop my rental vehicle off late?

A late drop-off charge of $75.00 per hour will be charged if the vehicle is not returned on or before the drop-off time stated in  your rental agreement.  The maximum charge for late drop-off will not exceed $600.00 for each 24 hour period.


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